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The elements of this toolkit are a Quality Assessment Checklist, a Quality Synthesis Profile and an Improvement Support Questionnaire.

The Quality Assessment Checklist helps you to assess the quality of your project based on the EDPQS. You can find it below. You just have to respond “Yes” or “No” to each question to find out how your project relates to the EDPQS. If necessary, you can also choose the option “Not applicable”. Completion of the Checklist for all Standards will take approx. one hour.

Once you have answered all questions in the Checklist, the computer will provide your results in a Quality Synthesis Profile. The Profile will help you identify stronger and weaker aspects of your prevention activity. You can then decide which are the critical areas that you want to learn more about and where to focus when improving your project. The Improvement Support Questionnaire will then help you to reflect on the selected aspects of your project.

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