About this toolkit

This toolkit was produced by the European Prevention Standards Partnership. The primary authors were Nadia Vimercati, Corrado Celata, Simona Olivadoti of Drug Prevention Unit, Drug Addiction Department, Asl Milano, Italy; Ioulia Bafi of the University Mental Health Research Institute (UMHRI), Greece; Roland Lehner and Rainer Schmidbauer of the Institut Suchtprävention pro mente, Oberösterreich, Austria.

In collaboration with Giusi Gelmi of Asl Milano, Carine Mutatayi of the Observatoire français des drogues et des toxicomanies (OFDT), France, and Rachele Donini of Azienda Sanitaria Locale 2 – Savonese (ASL 2 Savonese), Italy.

Suggested citation

Vimercati N, Celata C, Olivadoti S, Bafi I, Lehner R, Schmidbauer R and the European Prevention Standards Partnership (2015) EDPQS Toolkit 2: Self assessment and reflection toolkit. Liverpool: Centre for Public Health.


We encourage use and sharing of EDPQS resources under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike licence. This means that you may adapt the EDPQS for your own uses (in accordance with our adaptation guidelines, see http://www.prevention-standards.eu/toolkit-4/), as long as you acknowledge our work, and are willing to share the results with others. If you intend to use EDPQS resources commercially (e.g. for paid training), then you must first either contact your EDPQS country contact (details available on our website www.preventions-standards.eu) or Professor Harry Sumnall (h.sumnall@ljmu.ac.uk).

Funding statement

EUThis website has been produced with the financial support of the Drug Prevention and Information Programme of the European Union (Project name: “Promoting Excellence in Drug Prevention in the EU – Phase II of the European Drug Prevention Quality Standards Project”). The contents of this website are the sole responsibility of the authors stated above and can in no way be taken to reflect the views of the European Commission.


The EDPQS Toolkits and other resources have been developed through a systematic process and great care has been taken in the preparation of the information presented. Nonetheless, any person or organisation seeking to apply or consult this document is expected to use independent judgement in his/her own context. The European Prevention Standards Partnership makes no representation or warranties of any kind whatsoever regarding the content, use, or application of the EDPQS process and disclaims any responsibility for the application or use of EDPQS Toolkits and other resources in any way.

Please visit our website www.prevention-standards.eu for additional materials on the EDPQS


ASL Milano wishes to thank the following stakeholders who contributed to different activities of the EDPQS Phase II project (2013-2015):

Members of “Lombardia Regional Prevention Network”

Luca Biffi, Margherita Marella, Stefania Vizzardi, Walter De Agostini, Leone A. Lisè, Carlo Pellegrini, Celeste Zagheno, Valter Drusetta, Paola Duregon, Alessandra Meconi, Ornella Perego, Elisabetta Mauri, Valentina Salinetti, Marina Salada, Massimo Ruggeri, Manuel Benedusi, Franco Taverna, Simone Feder

Members of Milan Local Prevention Network Committee

Riccardo C. Gatti, Anna Silvestri, Nicola Iannacone, Stefano Serralunga, Simona Pesole, Elisa Soncin, Laura Stampini, Eleonora Cola, Alessandra Govi, Angela Campanelli, Emanuela Mazza, Salvatore Mirante, Laura Puddu, Alessandra De Bernardis

Professionals at the Drug Prevention Unit, Drug Addiction Department, Asl Milano

Paola Ghilotti, Sandro Brasca, Franca Colombo, Dario Gianoli, Olga Picozzi, Francesca Mercuri, Cristina Bergo, Giusi Gelmi, Tiziana Antonini, Guendalina Locatelli, Mariella Antichi, Elena Giovanetti, Sonia Bergamo, Riccardo Valenti, Simonetta Conti


Elements of this Toolkit were tested by stakeholders in Austria, Greece and Italy. The authors wish to thank these stakeholders for providing their time and expertise and giving feedback on the draft materials.